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VPN logging

Posted August 16th, 2017    1281   1   security privacy

Hello. The link for 'VPN Service' in your home page footer, under 'Our Services', isn't clickable. I can't see anything in your 'Privacy Policy' on VPN logging etc.

I would like to better understand the extent of privacy.

Would I be right in saying the seed box and VPN share the same server and that the 10 locations around the world are 10 IP addresses around the world rather than 10 server locations?

If that is the case then who do you rent IP addresses from (specifically London) and what's their policy on logging?

There's no such thing as no logging, despite what some VPN providers claim. But there are a few providers who are transparent about logging the minimum data required (to run the service) and deleting logs after X days.

Many thanks.

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