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Unable to Connect to Deluge Daemon Remotely

Posted May 21st, 2018    636   0  

I'm able to use the Torrent Client Web Interface (in my browser) for Deluge, but I'm not able to connect to it in Thin Client mode, i.e. from Deluge installed to my local computer. I'm following these instructions exactly and have tried both http and https.

My question is as follows: is this likely a port-blocking issue on my end, or is the deluge daemon somehow not configured to accept connections that are not from localhost? Furthermore, how would I go about testing this?


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The hostname provided above turned out to be wrong. When I use the raw IP address (obtained via curl ifconfig.me while sshed into the seedbox, (which happily does match the Server IP field in the General Info tab of the Manage Seedbox page)), it worked swimmingly. DevOps, take note.