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Hey how many transcodes can a gremlin box do at the same time? @720p

also is it possible to SSH in and install and use Unrar?
quite often the torrents i download from the site i use are .rar


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Yes, all our seedboxes have SSH access, which you can use to unrar if you want. Also you can use our "Seedbucket" app to uncompress archives, by using a more user friendly webUI.

As for the question for the transcodes, i really cannot answer for sure. Plex transcoding cpu utilization depends on the movie bitrate (not the movie resolution). So a medium bitrate 720p movie, should be able to support 2 transcodes at the same time, but again it is not something that we can guarantee, as there are many factors to consider


RU/rtorrent has an unpack plugin. You could try that. It's under the settings.