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Setting up Kodi with HTTPs

Posted May 29th, 2017    2473   0   Kodi HTTPS

I'm trying to add my seedbox as a source for Kodi.
SFTP works fine - but it is rather slow because of my ISP.

I am able to browse my files via HTTPs on my browser.
But when adding it as a source in Kodi, I am only able to see the downloads directory, but none of the files in it (or next to it, for that matter) - so that files/downloads/TV Shows is unreachable.
Here's how I set up Kodi -

Protocol: Web Server Directory (HTTPS)
Server Address:
Remote Path: files
Port: 443
Username: xxxx
Password: xxxx

Any ideas?


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Accepted Answer

So the way I wound up doing it, is by installing the ownCloud app (which is avialble on the apps section).
Then, I added the source to Kodi as a WebDav (HTTPs) source - works over HTTPs just the same!

It's very important to set it up just like so:
Type: WebDav (HTTPs)
Remote Path: remote.php/webdav
User Name: xxxx
Password: xxxx


Have you had any luck? I had it added on another seedbox using ftp but it was not using the same ftp server as this host.


I think the workaround for now is to instead install the Plex Media Server App and then access that with Kodi?

I think the goal is to avoid plex and the paywall they've imposed