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Seedbucket - file size is 0

Posted March 17th, 2018    633   0   seedbucket issues file size seedbucket file size issue

Seedbucket files are zeros-sized, even if they are downloaded completely on the server in reality. If I download via Seedbucket I receive an empty file. What can I do to have Seedbucket update the file sizes? I tried restarting Seedbucket, but it does not work.

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I have forced re-indexed your files so everything should be in order now.

However, can you please clarify if you have noticed this with newly downloaded files or with files that were already in your seedbucket?


Hello! Thank you!

I have noticed this with all files around 1 month old or newer. Can you please tell me if there's any way I can force re-index if it happens again? So that I don't have to bother you if it happens again.

You can force re-index your files from Settings > Drives > Hover over your Local driver and click the "Index" button.

I'm also having this issue with new downloads. Anyway I can fix this myself?

Please check my comment above.

@Indru, can you please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue in general?


Hi, I'm experiencing this issue was well. It seems to affect recently downloaded files. As you said a reindexing of the files fixes the issue.