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Seed after moving a file

Posted January 30th, 2018    1026   0   seeding move file and seed seeding files copy files and seed copy

Hi all! I am wondering can or does a file continue to seed after the file is moved from the download folder?

I like to download then categorize my files. The problem is I do not know if moving it from the original download folder will allow the file to continue seeding. I have been making copies of the file, but this quickly consumes the available space in my slot.

Thank you for your time and answers.

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maybe you could use a symlink then theirs only actually one copy of the file?


Easy in rutorrent. Right Click the torrent that you want to move, select "save to" from drop down list, In save to enter path ( /home/user/files/ choose folder to save to ) or click box with 3 dots and navigate to folder you want to move torrent files to. Ensure "Don't Add torrents name to path" is unchecked. Ensure "Move Data Files" and "Fast Resume" are checked. This will move torrent files to whatever directory you've chosen and will keep the torrent seeding.


To add here good program here for that is sickrage. It will download series automatically and it can be used to create symlinks to another folder for example using with plex and seeding.