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rclone mount - any plans to support this?

Posted November 25th, 2017    1511   0   rclone


Any plans to support mounting remote storage via rclone mount or other method?


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Accepted Answer

No, we do not plan to support rclone mount. It performs very badly and people don't understand how to use it correctly in order to maximize performance resulting in server-wise load issues.

We do plan however to support google drive mounts only for the plex server, fully managed by us, with a custom implementation within the coming months.

This is really exciting. I would love to be able to mount google drive to plex. Any idea of a timeline on this?

what's the point to a VPS that has plex if mount isn't supported?

What you get from us is not a VPS.

Will you support rclone-encrypted mounts ? Because most of the people keep their files encrypted in Google Drive.