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Hostname for sickrage/couchpotato setup on Ombi

Posted August 19th, 2018    588   1  


What's base URL and hostname / IP for sickrage/couchpotato to be used in Ombi settings. Ombi isn't able to connect to sickrage/coouchpotato over the server ip or the Local ip and port.

Edit: 'username'.cloud.seedboxes.cc isn't working either.

here's what's required..
Hostname or IP : (tried, server ip from account details, localhost)

Port : (tried with 8081 and 8083

API Key : (found in sickrage settings)

SSL : yes/no

Base Url : not sure what goes here.

It works on port 443

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Did you get it set up successfully? Would you please post the settings that worked?


Ah, I got it working for couchpotato and sonarr. Couchpotato settings:

Hostname: pao-couchpotato.cloud.seedboxes.cc
Port: 443
API Key: (from CouchPotato: Settings > General > Show Advanced)
SSL: yes