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FTP FileZilla Speeds, Max 750kbps?

Posted June 2nd, 2017    1933   0  

Hey guys, Recently signed up for seedboxes and everything working perfect so far, when I FTP to download the files I've grabbed off private sites but my speeds on FileZilla seem to max out at 750kbps a file. Which is okay when it's doing 10 files at once over an entire season or rar packs. But when we get single large file .MKV files this can slow the wait down quite a bit.

Any ideas? No problem with the speeds, just maxes out on each file at 750kbps.


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This sounds like bad peering between your ISP and our datacenter

Please open a support ticket including the IP where you are connecting from ( in order to run a few diagnostics and check if we can find a better route towards your ISP to peer through

It may have something to do with the infrastructure changes to docker based isolation. Worth checking into. I switched to Linux around the same time, so unable to confirm.

Are you running in Linux by chance?

I put the following at the end of /etc/sysctl.conf

net.ipv4.tcp_rmem=40960 873800 62914560

But that didn't help much... I wound up bumping the simultaneous connections in FileZilla to 10, right now getting around 800-900k, but across 10 connections. Not sure if it's the new infrastructure or not, seems to be since the change happened, but I switched from Windows to Linux around the same time.

All our servers run linux, but your issue is network related. Probably bad peering between your ISP and our datacenter Please open a support ticket, mentioning the IP where you connect from ( in order for us to run a few diagnostics

I seem to be having a similar issue as well. Multiple concurrent transfers all individually run at the same speed as a single transfer :/


Not sure what changed, but for me the issue seems to be resolved... I'm now getting decent throughput via filezilla.