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autodl-irssi GUI broken

Posted March 8th, 2019    546   0  

So, I tried to restore my autodl-irssi settings from another seedbox to my one in here. That was a mistake and now I'm getting this error on rutorrent: "Error downloading files. Make sure autodl-irssi is started and configured properly (eg. password, port number): Error getting files listing: Error: Could not connect: (111) Connection refused". I guess since the backup file was from another seedbox provider the port numbers etc are now all wrong.

Any ideas how to fix this?

EDIT: After some digging I found the problem is indeed the wrong port. Any ideas of the correct port? Or how do I find free port to use?

EDIT2: Well I got the default port and password from rutorrent autodl plugin config file (I'm not sure if they are the default ones though). And it's now working on rutorrent but still says on irssi bash that GUI server disabled? Because of port being already in use.

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