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Simple file sharing with ruTorrent

Posted April 7th, 2017    3413   0   how to file sharing rutorrent

If you want to share a file with your friends, here is a quick and simple way to do it if your default torrent client is rTorrent.

  1. After you do, login to your ruTorrent web interface
  2. From the tabs at the bottom, click File Manager

  3. Browse to the location of the file you wish to share, right click on it and choose Share

4. After you click it, a popup dialog will appear. The Duration field is required and you can optionally use a Password as well, which we strongly recommend you do
5. After you click Add, the share will appear under the File Share tab. All your shared files will be listed there along with the settings you used. Finally, all you have to do is to right click on the file, click Copy Link and send it to your friends along with the password you've set - if any -


NOTE: You can only share files, not folders

TIP: If you want to share a folder, then compress it first via the File Manager

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