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How to use Plex on v1 seedboxes

Posted April 10th, 2017    2360   0   plex v1 seedbox how to

This guide is intended for our v1 seedboxes. If you bought your seedbox from us after 6th December 2016, then you own a v2 seedbox which works on our newer docker platform. In this case, please read this guide instead.

The Plex Media Server is a closed source project, that is intended as a home media center, in order to stream your personal library. In order for us to be able to provide it as a service for your seedbox several modifications needed to be done, in the way of providing the access to the end user.

In detail, it is not possible to run an independent Plex media server for each user, due to the fact that Plex has its port hardcoded to a certain value (32400) and also forcibly binds to all network interfaces (without an option to disable this). Therefore, it is impossible to run more than 1 instance of Plex per physical (or virtual) server.

That said, in order to provide Plex support, we make use of the library sharing capabilities of Plex. In essence, we administer the Plex server, and we create libraries based on your files, which we share to a account (your account). In this way, you are not capable of administering your Plex libraries (we have to do this for you), but you are capable of browsing them through all Plex devices that support accounts (iphone, ipad, android, roku, web browser, samsung tvs etc)

We do however provide a control panel area, within your client area, to be able to run basic commands to your libraries (such as manually refresh them, or re-create them)

Plex Installation
First you need to create a account if you already do not have one. It is free to create one.

  • Login to your client area. After you log in to your seedbox account, click in the "My Client Area" button.


  • Under "My Seedboxes" click on the little gear icon next to the seedbox you want to use and click on the "Manage Seedbox" button.


  • Scroll down and Click on the Plex Tab and the "Enable Plex" button.


  • A popup emerges, enter your username or email that you used to create the account and click on the Enable Plex button.


  • Once you click, after the confirmation, please wait 2 minutes, until you receive an email from Plex that will request you to accept an invitation from us
  • Then, if you refresh your seedbox details page, you will see under the "Plex Support" tab, the information about your plex share

You will be able then to browse your libraries using the website (or any plex capable device, after signing in your account)

Streaming with Plex

Our Plex setup runs** with a library agent, that autodetects which movie or which tv episode each file is**, it then downloads available metadata from the internet (from internet movie database or the tvDB for series). It then groups similar files together (episodes under the same tv series and the same season etc) and creates a nice visual implementation for you, with plot summaries and covers.

In order for this to work efficiently and without many errors, three (3) separated folders for your TV, Movies and Music are automatically generated for you which are in the following locations:

  • ~/torrents/Plex/Movies
  • ~/torrents/Plex/TV
  • ~/torrents/Plex/Music (only if you have enabled music as well) IMPORTANT: To stream your media files you will need to move your media files inside the appropriate Plex directory!

Moving your files with ruTorrent

If you want to continue seeding the files and move them, then the correct way to do this is:

  • Right click the release on your ruTorrent
  • Select "Save To..."
  • Choose the folder where you want to move the release, and make sure the options "Move Data Files" and "Fast Resume" are checked
  • After you click OK, ruTorrent will move your data files and resume seeding your release

If you do not want to continue seeding the files you can easily move them via the File Manager which your ruTorrent provides (look at the tabs at the bottom).

Moving your files with FTP

If you are not using ruTorrent as your torrent client, then the only alternative is to use an FTP client (such as FileZilla) and move the files you want in the appropriate Plex directories.

Refreshing your Libraries
Although Plex automatically refreshes your libraries, if you need to manually refresh it click the "Manual Refresh" button in your Plex Support section of your client area. An also convenient way to refresh your libraries would be by using our browser extensions.

Removing users
You can remove all users by disabling and then re-enabling Plex in your account. If you disable your Plex library, your media files are not going to be deleted. You can safely disable and re-enable your Plex and your libraries will then be rescanned and restored the way they were before.

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